personalized intro lines. Simplified.

AI-powered intro lines and ice breakers for cold email and LinkedIn outreach.

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2.2X your outreach performance.

Boost your sales and increase response rates.

Most cold outreach ROI suck

You come across as a spammer hurting your brand’s reputation and easily losing 97% of potential opportunities. That’s the reality for most salespeople and marketers.

Increase your reply rates 2-3x

Hyper-personalized messages that show your prospects that you’ve done your research double or triple your reply rates.

Automate the energy-consuming process of personalization

Save hours per day on researching and writing intro lines. No need to even hire expensive writers. EgoBooster does it all for you in a fraction of time and cost.

See how EgoBooster works

Watch the video and learn how EgoBooster works.

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Use EgoBooster to break the “ice” on your intro lines

Check out these sample compliments.

Perfect for B2B email marketers, sales teams and agencies looking to turbocharge their outreach campaigns.


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      • available
      • 100 credits
      $24 month
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      • available
      • 500 credits
      $74 month
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      • available
      • 1,000 credits
      $99 month
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      • Need over
      • 1,000 credits
      • per month?
      Let’s talk


Go to egobooster.io
Click on “Start for free
Fill out the sign up form, or sign in using Google.

Go to egobooster.io
Click top right on ‘log in
And either login with your email and password or with your Google account.

Sign into egobooster.io
Click on top “buy credits
Choose the amount you would like to purchase.

Sign into egobooster.io
Click on top “subscription
Choose your plan and enjoy the monthly credits of that plan

You will be charged one credit for every profile that we get at least one line for. We may find up to 14 lines per profile match. You only pay one credit for one profile match regardless of the number of lines we generate for you from that profile. The cost of the credit depends on your subscription or one time purchase.

In the menu under “my history” you can find all generated lines and download them again.

Yes. If you have a CSV, single LinkedIn profile or Email which you have been generating lines before and you request EgoBooster to generate it again, you will be charged for it.

Absolutely none. We have a 90%+ success rate on ready-to-send first lines. Our unique value propositions are to keep our lines simple and consistent.

Single lines take less than 30 seconds to process. Complete CSV uploads up to 15 minutes.

EgoBooster uses LinkedIn Profile URL (or LinkedIn Sales Navigator) or Business Emails to write the hyper personalized first lines for you.

Yes, 10 days before the end of the month. Plans automatically get renewed and charged on the 1st of every month.

Contact us for more information

EgoBooster is the First and Only AI-Powered Hyper-Personalized Intro Line Compliment Generator Proven to Boost B2B Email Campaign Performance by 2-3x.




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